PR and political management of environmental crisis situations

To meet the green challenges of our era, more and more political organizations and businesses need to change their strategies and approaches, especially in light of the criticism on their activities. After carrying out a thorough due diligence process, IDEA Institute helps them by developing new strategies in terms of environmental approaches in order to ensure their transparency and increase their social embeddedness.

Analysis of complex public political problems in the area of activities related to energy policy, waste management and biodiversity

Nowadays we constantly experience a changing regulatory and leverage environment with regard to the terms set for industries at the national and EU level. We help you to interpret the latest regulations for your specific activity and, on such request, we offer you alternatives to increase your leverage.

Development of socially responsible brand concepts for industry players

Despite the significant employment and tax burdens they bear, businesses nowadays need more than their earlier CSR activities to demonstrate their social responsibility. We plan your campaigns and lay out a concept for your social discourse in order to deepen the social embeddedness of your potentially controversial products.

Mediation and consulting to manage conflicts between NGOs and businesses

Today’s NGOs demonstrate a professional expertise and set high ecological expectations, which tends to generate conflicts where businesses lack the means to efficiently defend their positions. By facilitating a dialogue between the parties, we can help them to minimize the damages and resolve the emerging tensions.

Impact study-level evaluation of professional political objectives of governmental and international organizations

The regulatory changes affecting the operations of politically relevant institutions are less and less predictable and forecastable. Our services offer the affected industry players a timely solution for adapting to the legally binding or just potentially lucrative changes.

Qualitative and quantitative studies to forecast changes in social processes and consumer attitudes

Consumers are increasingly sensitive to the ecological and social impacts caused by the production and distribution of certain product types. Our consulting service helps you to meet the challenges posed by the changes.

Europe analyses

The evaluation of such factors as the changing European environment, the developments within the EU and/or their impacts on the economic and business environment forms a key part of IDEA Institute’s analytical services. We especially focus on the Central Eastern European (CEE) region’s unique role in Europe. Besides conducting the research vital for the development of a political and economic strategy, we also offer making innovative policy proposals in the areas of foreign and Europe policy. Our analyses focus on presenting the global trends, the key international processes and their respective impacts. Our institute also organizes seminars, training courses and professional roundtable discussions in the above mentioned professional areas. We help our clients by giving customized and institutional consulting services as well as by making recommendations and professional proposals.

Lobbying consultancy

With its deep insight into Hungarian professional lobbying practices, IDEA Institute also offers lobbying consultancy services for its clients.